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void nec_context::gn_card ( int  ground_type,
int  rad_wire_count,
nec_float  tmp1,
nec_float  tmp2,
nec_float  tmp3,
nec_float  tmp4,
nec_float  tmp5,
nec_float  tmp6 

Ground parameters under the antenna.

Specifies the relative dielectric constant and conductivity of ground in the vicinity of the antenna. In addition, a second set of ground parameters for a second medium can be specified, or a radial wire ground screen can be modeled using a reflection coefficient approximation.
ground_type (was IPERF) Ground-type flag. The options are:
  • -1 - Nullifies ground parameters previously used and sets free-space condition. The remainder of the parameters should be zero in this case.
  • O - Finite ground, reflection-coefficient approximation.
  • 1 - Perfectly conducting ground.
  • 2 - Finite ground, Sommerfeld/Norton method.
rad_wire_count (was NRADL) - Number of radial wires in the ground screen approximation; Set to zero implies no ground screen.
EPSE (F1) - Relative dielectric constant for ground in the vicinity of the antenna. Set to zero in case of a perfect ground.
SIG (F2) - Conductivity in mhos/meter of the ground in the vicinity of the antenna. Set to zero in the case of a perfect ground. If SIG is input as a negative number, the complex dielectric constant Ec = Er -j*sigma/(omega*epsilonzero) is set to EPSR - |SIG|.
Options for Remaining Floating Point Fields (F3-F6):
  • a. For an infinite ground plane, F3 through F6 are blank.
  • b. Radial wire ground screen approximation (NRADL nonzero). The ground screen is always centered at the origin, i.e., at (0,0,0), and lies in the XY plane. (F3) - The radius of the screen in meters. (F4) - Radius of the wires used in the screen, in meters. (F5) & (F6) - Blank.
  • c. Second medium parameters (NRADL = O) for medium outside the region of the first medium (cliff problem). These parameters alter the far field patterns but do not affect the antenna impedance or current distribution. (F3) - Relative dielectric constant of medium 2. (F4) - Conductivity of medium 2 in mhos/meter. (F5) - Distance in meters from the origin of the coordinate system to the join between medium 1 and 2. This distance is either the radius of the circle where the two media join or the distance out the positive X axis to where the two media join in a line parallel to the Y axis. Specification of the circular or linear option is on the RP card. See Figure 16. (F6) - Distance in meters (positive or zero) by which the surface of medium 2 is below medium 1.

Definition at line 440 of file nec_context.cpp.

      DEBUG_TRACE("gn_card(" << ground_type << ")");
      ground.parse_gn(ground_type, rad_wire_count, tmp1, tmp2, tmp3, tmp4, tmp5, tmp6);

      if ( processing_state > 2)

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