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void nec_context::ne_card ( int  itmp1,
int  itmp2,
int  itmp3,
int  itmp4,
nec_float  tmp1,
nec_float  tmp2,
nec_float  tmp3,
nec_float  tmp4,
nec_float  tmp5,
nec_float  tmp6 

Near field calculation parameters

  • If the number of frequencies is not equal to one (as specified by the fr_card() function, then the ne_card() function will call simulate(), causing the interaction matrix to be computed and factored and the structure currents to be computed.

Definition at line 874 of file nec_context.cpp.

References ne_nh_card().

      ne_nh_card(0, itmp1, itmp2, itmp3, itmp4, tmp1, tmp2, tmp3, tmp4, tmp5, tmp6);

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